Pause, Be Mindful, Stop Overthinking

Overthinking everything will harm your mind

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Are you one of those persons who over-analyze every situation, every time? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, it is common in our society. But is it healthy to obsessively analyze everything?

No, this is an unhealthy habit. A very unhealthy habit. If you are suffering from ‘Over Analysis Syndrome,’ I’m about to let you in on the cure.

The problem with over-analyzing everything.

We all make decisions every minute of every day, like what clothes to wear or whether to stop writing or not. That is how we function as intelligent creatures.

Sometimes, the mind lingers on a specific idea longer than needed. Most times it is an unconscious occurrence. And no matter the number of times you train my thoughts away, it always seems to gravitate back to this one idea.

There isn’t any scientific evidence or literature explaining why the mind operates this way. One theory says it is because the mind is trying to say something is wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that something is wrong. When an idea or situation appears straightforward, my mind keeps analyzing and assessing it.

I overthink things!

The problem with overthinking a situation is it causes unnecessary anxiety. And who wants to be anxious all the time? Anxiety attacks the entire body, limiting its function. So instead of constantly overthinking things to end up getting an ulcer, I set a few guidelines for myself.

How to practice mindfulness and stop overthinking?

If you are an anxious person, then you constantly obsess about everything. Anxiety is not your fault, and you can manage this anxiety. How can you manage your anxiety to help prevent overthinking? I have a similar problem. The goals to stop overthinking are to:

  1. Accept the situation as it stands, if you cannot change the outcome or change what you can and move on.
  2. Find an anchor to switch your mind’s focus off the object of your obsession.

The steps I take to help me manage this problem are:

  1. First, you have to recognize that you are obsessing about whatever the problem is. Obsessive behavior occurs when your mind is unable to focus on other tasks because your mind keeps wandering back to one specific idea/task/problem.
  2. Second, find an anchor that will distract your mind from obsessing and overthinking the problem.
  3. Third, each time my mind wanders back to a particular problem or task every couple of minutes, I would take some time to analyze it, and if the problem is something I cannot change I say, “Lord help me to accept the things I cannot change because everything happens for a reason.” I wouldn’t lie, it takes quite a few times before I stop obsessing, but the time shortens every time I say it. If I can change something, then I make the change and move on.

This method might not work immediately, but over time with constant use, it becomes easier. If you have a way to help yourself practice it as much as possible. Obsessing bout a problem will contribute to physical health problems you surely do not want.

Start overthinking less, and living more

Now that understand the problem with overthinking and you have the tools to help you through an episode, it’s time you start living. Stop overthinking and live your life.

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